Explore data intelligently with the latest in AI and data science techniques. Build classifiers, test kernel methods, and try out biologically-inspired techniques from genetic algorithms to neural networks and deep learning. Our books cover machine learning applications of R, Python, MATLAB, and more.

Machine learning brings new insights every day across a broad range of industries and research worldwide. Be part of it and explore the best of what happens when human and machine intelligence are combined.

Featured Author

  • Mariette Awad_bw

    Mariette Awad

    Associate Professor at American University of Beirut


    Mariette Awad is an associate professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the American University of Beirut. She received her PhD in electrical engineering in 2007 and she has been a visiting professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, Intel Mobile Group, and MIT. She was invited by CVC labs, Google and Qualcomm to present her work on machine learning and image processing. She has published in numerous conferences and journals and is managing few grants. Prior to her academic position, she was with IBM System and Technology group in Vermont as a wireless product engineer. She is recipient of numerous patents and business awards. Her current research interests include machine learning, data analytics and internet of things.

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