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The Java language is on a multi-decade run as one of the most widely-used and successful programming environments ever. Our books offer a foundation of success through our extensive coverage of Java language topics, programming techniques, the Enterprise Edition platform, web and back-end development, and the internet of things, as well as related technologies like JavaFX and Spring. You can also find Java mobile development (Android) books in our Mobile category.

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  • Iuliana Cosmina is a Spring Certified Web Developer and is also Spring Certified Core Spring Professional.  She is a Spring certified expert, as defined by Pivotal, the makers of Spring Framework, Boot and other tools.  She has authored books with Apress on Core Spring certification and Spring Certified web development.  She is a software architect at Bearing Point Software and is an active coder and software contributor on GitHub, StackOverFlow and more.

  • Pro Spring 5

    Cosmina, I. (et al.) (2017)

    Format: eBook, Softcover

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