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Discover our coverage of big data, predictive and stream analytics, and other data science and business intelligence topics. Learn about processing massively large data sets using Hadoop and Spark. Build and manipulate data models with python, SQL, R, and Excel. Create high impact data visualizations to guide better business decisions.

Our books cover the latest scalable data technologies that are enabling an explosion in big data and data science.

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  • Sumit Pal is an independent consultant working with big data and data science. Sumit works with multiple clients advising them on their data architectures and providing them end to end big data solutions from data ingestion, to data storage, data management, building data flows and data pipelines to building analytic calculation engines and data visualization. Sumit has hands on expertise in Java, Scala, Python, R, Spark and NoSQL databases especially HBase and GraphDB. He has more than 22 years of experience in the software industry across various roles spanning companies from startups to enterprises.

    Sumit has worked for Microsoft (SQLServer Replication Engine development team), Oracle (OLAP development team) and Verizon (Big Data Analytics). He has extensive experience in building scalable systems across the stack from middle-tier, data tier to visualization for analytics. Sumit has deep expertise in database internals, data warehouses, dimensional modeling, and working with data scientists to implement and scale their algorithms. Sumit has also served as Chief Architect at ModelN/LeapfrogRX, where he architected the middle tier core analytics platform with open source OLAP engine (Mondrian) on J2EE and solved some complex ETL, dimensional modeling, and performance optimization problems.

    In his spare time, Sumit recently (Sept-Oct 2016) hiked up to Mt. Everest Base Camp as part of a 9-day hiking trip. He is also a badminton bronze medalist in the Men's Singles 40-49 Category at the Connecticut Open in 2015.

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