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Our security titles provide real-world processes and solutions to computer, information, network, and cyber-security. They cover tools and techniques used for penetration testing/ethical hacking, incident preparedness and response, data security and investigations, risk management, cyber defense, and more.

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    Jeremy Wittkop

    Chief Technology Officer at InteliSecure


    Jeremy Wittkop is a leader in the information security industry, specifically as it relates to content and context-based protections of critical information. Jeremy brings insights from a variety of industries including military and defense, logistics, entertainment, and information security services.

    Jeremy started with InteliSecure as the leader of the Managed Services department and has overseen 1000% growth of that department by helping to solve complex Information Security challenges for organizations spanning the globe. Jeremy now leads InteliSecure’s technical strategy working with technology and security leaders both inside the company and throughout the industry to help shape the future of Information Security by architecting solution packages that include creative approaches to the confluence of people, process, and technology.

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